Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Berkeley Thanksgiving

My first college Thanksgiving was...interesting to say the least. I didn't go back home to NJ or back to LA, instead I spent it right here in Berkeley which was completely fine by me. I ended up going to a friend's apartment for Thanksgiving and hanging out with a bunch of other guys, literally. I was the only girl there. So we ended up playing video games, watching a bunch of movies, and I learned to play poker! Turns out I'm pretty good at it since I finished second.

There was so much food...We had:
  • Ham - amazing!
  • Two stuffed chickens - no turkey, but the chicken and stuffing was good; we even went on a mini-adventure to Safeway in search of needles so we could sew the chicken together
  • Onion rings
  • Udon noodles
  • Some kind of chinese vegetable with oyster sauce - yum!
  • Soup
  • Lots and lots of soda and sparkling apple cider
There's probably some other stuff that I left out of that list since there was SO MUCH FOOD!!! We ended up staying up all night just talking about the most random things and then at 5AM we decided to go to Target for some Black Friday shopping. I ended up getting back to my dorm at 6AM and didn't go to sleep until 7AM...then woke up at 1PM in order to waste the day away by watching more movies and catching up on TV shows.
I would say it was a good Thanksgiving...definitely interesting and kind of spontaneous. But hey, it's Berkeley. What did you expect?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Possible Overhaul?

So...I've been thinking. This blog was originally supposed to focus on my business and jewelry, but now that I'm in college I don't have the time to make anything new nor do I have an oven that can be easily accessed. I did actually bring most of my materials with me, but somewhere in the midst of packing I must have misplaced my clay and so it is currently MIA. There are a few art stores around Berkeley, but they're not easy to access either. Thus I've given up on continuing my polymer clay jewelry business while I'm at college. Don't worry though, if I have time during the summer I will definitely pick up my business again.

In the meantime, I will continue to try and find time for art. Lately, I've just been randomly sketching when I have some free time. In some of my classes, I get a little bored so I also do doodle a little bit. Nothing huge for now. I did pack a small canvas with me, so maybe I'll start painting in a few weeks, probably during Thanksgiving since I won't be going back to LA or New Jersey (they're just too far and there's not enough time).

Going back to the overhaul...I think that it's probably best if I change the focus of this blog since I don't have much business going on lately. The blog will probably be turned into a more personal blog with some of my experiences at Berkeley as well as some fashion and art and I guess anything else that wanders across my mind at the time. There will be more fashion, more art, and I'll get to share with you guys some of my personal favorite styles, clothing, artists, and designers. I don't plan on changing much of the layout for now, but who knows? Bye for now!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Bezerkeley Love

Hey guys, I know it's been awhile since I've updated. Berkeley's been really great and lots of fun. There's always some kind of event that's going on so it's never dull around here. Not much homework but it's probably because I took a light load this semester. I did have my second math midterm today; it was my last midterm for this semester so now I'm free!!! Here are some pictures of some crazy stuff around Berkeley so enjoy for now, I'll be back later! =)