Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bachelorette Season Finale: Recap and Thoughts

So, Ali chose Roberto. Shocker? Ehhh, you could kind of see it coming. I will admit that I'm not the hugest Roberto fan (Chris is so much better), but I'm really happy for them. They seem like a really great couple and I hope that it lasts. After the show, I actually ended up Googling them (gotta love the Internet) and there are rumors out there that Roberto will leave Ali, so let's hope that's not true!

And what about that rainbow? Where in the world did that come from? Seriously, it was like straight out of a sappy romance drama (Charlie St. Cloud comes to mind?). Ughh, it was so sad when Ali let Chris go early, but I do entirely support her decision and Chris took it so well (he's such a good guy!).

The After the Rose was sadly, uneventful. Frank didn't show up, surprise, surprise! You know, I used to like Frank despite his whole Charlie Brown wishy-washiness, but now I think we all know that he's just a coward. Then when Ali came out to talk to Chris, it was of course, extremely sweet with no bad feelings between them. Awww... All in all, it was probably one of the nicer After the Rose shows, but rather boring at the same time. -sigh-

Well, that about raps up another season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. And just in case you were wondering... Yes, I will be watching the Bachelor Pad! Yay for more trashy reality TV guaranteed to rot your mind! =P

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