Thursday, August 5, 2010

So yesterday I happened to stumble upon It is exactly what it's web address suggests. It's an online clothing store that carries chic, affordable pieces. And yes, they are legit (did some Google research)!

As the summer slowly winds down and as back-to-school (or in my case, college) shopping commences, I have been looking for a pair(s) of boots perfect for the chillier weather up in San Francisco. My thing with boots though is that I have to absolutely adore them, but they also have to be affordable. Forever21 and Wet Seal have some great boots, but I'm looking for more...and then there was It has an unbelievably huge selection of boots. The only downfall is that they might not carry your size. Boots cost roughly anywhere from 20 to 30-something dollars, which is perfect for any college girl's budget.

They also have a Sale section, so definitely check that out because the shoes are super cheap there! And they're also offering free shipping on any order over $50. Yay for sales and discounts!

Here are some of my favorite boots:

1. Akemi74 Slouchy Ankle Boots Black ($20.35)
2. Reva2on Slouchy Mid-Calf Boots Ivory ($21.00)
3. Toby Studded Mid-Calf Boot Brown ($26.95)
4. Key44 Studded Over Knee High Boot Brown ($34.00)
5. Candies15 Ruched Buckled Mid-Calf Boot Pearl ($22.00)
6. Kalisa29 Studded Mid-Calf Flat Boot Brown ($25.45)

Even though all I've been talking about are boots, there are other things that they carry like accessories, tops, dresses, and they have some really cute jackets. They also have some amazing sandals! So, check out the website and have fun shopping! ^_^

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